"The mark" is different than the number 666

Most people today are convinced by a trendy theory that the return of Christ is way out in the future - its not. That no one not even the angles in heaven knows the "actual" day nor hour. The "actual" day and hour is not known by the angles but, God gives us a day for every year in Prophecy. This is an equivalent formula for understanding Prophecy (found in Ezekiel.) The great day of God Almighty is " the great year of God Almighty". You and, the angles in heaven can know the year and still not the "actual" day and hour.
Ye breathen are not taken as a thief, watch ye therefore.
Anti - Means Opposite
Anti - Christ means Opposite of Christ or anti-believers in Christ these are people in the world today who believe in other than Christ.
Who makes war with the Lamb but the Lamb overcomes them, for He is Lord of Lords King of Kings and the ones who follow Him are faithful and true.
These anti-Jesus believers destroy the beast that has the wound by the sword and did live because God puts it in there heart to agree with the beast for one hour (or in prophecy table - one day).
These shall burn her (that great city) with fire and, eat of her flesh (kill the people therein.)
The "mark" of the beast is not the number of his name(six hundred threescore and six.)
The "mark" is the mark of membership.
Water baptism into this membership "marks" its followers (the beast that ascended up from the bottomless pit.)
The mark is found on the right hand and, on the forehead.
The mark in the forehead is given at birth or as an adult.
The mark in the right hand is a proclamation of those following the beast whithsoeverth he goeth (an ID).
The Dragon gave the beast its power.
The dragon is "ROME".
The Beast is "The Roman Catholic Church"
The "Mark" is the sign of the cross given at birth on the forehead and Performed with the right hand from forehead to sternum - shoulder to shoulder making the sign of the cross that identifies the performer of what he/she believes and who he/ she follows.
Jesus tells those who are Catholic to come out of her before He pours out His wrath of judgment on the beast.
So if you are Catholic fear God not Pope and just get out NOW.