Distress of Nations with Perplexity - Economic Panic

Luke 21

25. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
26. Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.
27. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
28. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

Talking Business Shouldn’t We Rescue Housing?
New York Times, United States - 1 hour ago
It is also a continuing economic problem. In the year since the crisis began, the world’s financial institutions have written down around $500 billion worth ...
Spotlight on the House: Beyond the Bailout -- Solving the Crisis ... Huffington Post
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The Associated Press
Profitably Avoiding the Fed’s New “Inflation Tax” and Coping with ...
Gold Seek - 8 hours ago
As Engdahl and Roberts (above) point out, the evidence is increasing that the recent financial panic and economic distress is and has been planned as a part ...
(FED) Economic Outlook Forex Hound
Bernanke Remarks on Stabilization Wall Street Journal
So...what caused the financial crisis? Northwest Herald
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economy: Tough times ahead —Manu Bhaskaran
Daily Times, Pakistan - Oct 16, 2008
With market failures more apparent, such as the freezing up of inter-bank lending, the world economy cries out for effective government intervention to halt ...

Los Angeles Times
Obama, McCain repeat themes from debate
Los Angeles Times, CA - 18 hours ago
He visited the Philadelphia suburb of Blue Bell on Tuesday to unveil $52.5 billion in proposed tax incentives aimed at easing economic distress. ...
First M&F Corp. Reports Third Quarter Earnings Rebound From Second ...
MarketWatch - 6 hours ago
The increased provision expense continues an effort begun in the second quarter to recognize the continuing distress in real estate markets, ...

New York Times
The Jump Rope Girls, 20 Years On
New York Times, United States - 53 minutes ago
... and are negotiating the world for their children, a task likely to be even more daunting, given the waves of economic distress hitting the city and the ...
Japan's cash wanted - at home and abroad
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong - Oct 15, 2008
Then came the 1990s, a bad decade for Japan, often referred to as "the lost decade" - which was marked by years of economic distress and bumbling political ...
IMF Cuts World Economic Projections Amid Financial Distress (press release), OR - Oct 8, 2008
(Source: Jiji Press English News Service)Washington, Oct. 8 (Jiji Press)--The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday cut its world economic projections ...
Two crises and a historical turning point
Ha'aretz, Israel - Oct 15, 2008
The Bush administration, not the North Korean government, is trying to stabilize the market, not by channeling money to banks in distress, but by imposing ...
Switzerland Bails Out UBS; Credit Suisse Raises Funds (Update2)
Bloomberg - Oct 16, 2008
``UBS is and was by no means in financial distress,'' she said in an e-mailed statement. ``What has been agreed with the SNB and the government is a ...UBS - CS
Leaders scramble to calm economy
Toronto Star, Canada - Oct 13, 2008
The summit, chaired by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, hammered out a detailed distress plan which, he said, achieved "concrete measures" as well as unity ...
Two cents on the latest and greatest from Cupertino
ZDNet - Oct 16, 2008
There is a nightmare scenario brewing with a mix of credit distress and retail plunge. The next shoe is about to drop in the world of banking catastrophes. ...
Critic's Notebook: Comedy and McCain
Los Angeles Times, CA - 10 hours ago
You don't have to agree with McCain's ideas to sympathize with his distress: He does seem at times to be running in two directions at once, ...
Surviving The Coming Economic Depression
Canada Free Press, Canada - 15 hours ago
It’s the current economic reality. The World is careening through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. ...
Blow Ups and Bombers
CounterPunch, CA - 9 hours ago
The last month has seen the sweeping away of all the shopworn economic coordinates by which conventional politicians set their course. ...

Boston Globe
The Three Major Memes of the Great Bailout Bonanza What to expect ...
Reason Online, CA - Oct 15, 2008
And no politician worth his or her salt is going to turn away from constituents in distress, especially if they can claim their dry cleaning chain of ...
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Dramatic pause as we play wait and see on bank rescue package
Irish Independent, Ireland - Oct 16, 2008
The global economy is not out of the woods yet, not by any stretch of the imagination. Measures of financial distress remain at elevated levels and there is ...
Global Financial Meltdown and the Demise of Neoliberalism Center for Research on Globalization
Wall Street braces for Monday markets factor The Star-Ledger -
Anatomy of the American Financial Crisis: How It is Turning into a ... Center for Research on Globalization
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Voice of America
World Bank Agrees To Protect Poor And Vulnerable Countries In The ...
World Bank Group, DC - Oct 13, 2008
We must modernize multilateralism and markets for a changing world economy. Today's globalization and markets reflect huge changes in information and ...
Zoellick stresses need to recapitalize banks in poor nations+ TMCnet
Kyodo news summary+ TMCnet
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Estonia’s Let-It-Be Economy Is Rattled by Worldwide Distress
New York Times, United States - Oct 9, 2008
In that, the Estonian response to economic distress contrasts sharply with the United States, where Washington is borrowing freely and desperately trying to ...
On the free market frontier in Estonia International Herald Tribune
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Voice of America
EU looking for international reforms
International Herald Tribune, France - Oct 15, 2008
We need an early warning system for the world economy." Founded in the aftermath of World War II, the 185-nation IMF became the international economy's fire ...
EU leaders back Brown initiative for global finance The Herald
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So it's... banks for the memory
The Age, Australia - Oct 16, 2008
The Asian banking sector's period of heady growth came with the Asian economic miracle. As huge foreign capital inflows fuelled an investment boom across ...
German Economic Institutes Slash 2009 Growth Forecast (Update1)
Bloomberg - Oct 14, 2008
The financial crisis may precipitate slower economic growth than forecast as foreign demand for German products wanes. Germany, the world's biggest exporter ...
Following the Last Presidential Debate, Carol Lombard Clark Shares ...
MarketWatch - Oct 16, 2008
During such a time of economic distress, her work has become more relevant than ever by giving people a sense of comfort and consolation in a hope for ...
Facing economic reality
The Nation Newspaper, Barbados - Oct 12, 2008
High energy prices were at the core of earlier financial distress, but the overall international economic situation has been made worse by collapse of the ...
EU Leaders Talk Finance, Climate
Wall Street Journal - Oct 15, 2008
But credit markets remain in distress, with fearful banks willing to lend to each other only at abnormally high rates, and that makes credit harder to get ...
Why I will vote for Barack Obama
The New Nation, Bangladesh - Oct 15, 2008
Obama embodies a new America, more diverse, more tolerant and more open to the world. As America's financial systems buckles, the economy is tottering, ...
Global International Trading's Economic Analyst, Simon Wilson's ...
PRLog.Org (press release), Romania - Oct 15, 2008
PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 15, 2008 – The credit crisis that looms over the world has created hardship for individuals and nations alike. ...

Los Angeles Times
Pakistanis worry they're at risk in global crisis
Los Angeles Times, CA - Oct 14, 2008
The Karachi stock market, until this year one of the world's most robustly profitable exchanges, has instead become a barometer of growing economic distress ...
Clutching at straws The News International
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Helping The Economy: Giving More Money to Politicians (NOT!)
Hawaii Reporter, HI - Oct 16, 2008
Forget the small businesses that are struggling, families in distress and workers who have lost jobs; take better care of elected officials. ...
'US lust for power set off econ tsunami'
PRESS TV, Iran - 12 hours ago
"The world economy is now entering a major downturn in the face of the most dangerous shock in mature financial markets since the 1930s," the International ...
Special Dispatch Series - No. 2086 Middle East Media Research Institute
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Indian economy not shining quite so brightly, United Kingdom - Oct 13, 2008
Everybody loves distress stories And then the media goes overboard since it knows that and it feeds on the raging fire." Perhaps the secret is to ignore the ...
Road to Catastrophe
Pacific Free Press, Canada - Oct 15, 2008
But today, with the stock market collapse, the acute and widespread economic distress among all but the most wealthy Americans, and the consequent political ...

New Statesman
A year with Obama
New Statesman, UK - Oct 16, 2008
Just like that, he was suddenly in command, finally riding the current of economic distress, and positioned to close the deal with the far superior ground ... (subscription)
Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page (subscription), CA - Oct 16, 2008
In Weimar Germany, where economic distress was deeper and longer lasting, voters rejected all of the mainstream parties, the Nazis seized power, ...

The IMF and Tuberculosis
Foreign Policy In Focus - Oct 10, 2008
From the outset, the Fund's specific roles were to promote balanced growth of international trade, provide funding to countries in economic distress, ...
Statement By US Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. At The ... Exchange News Direct
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Richard Kramer - Arete Research
Seeking Alpha, NY - Oct 16, 2008
In this time of economic uncertainty I like our relative position. Nokia is strong, we have scale. We have one of the best brands in the world. ...AMS:NOKA - NOK
Libor rate shows system distress
International Herald Tribune, France - Oct 10, 2008
AP LONDON: Lending between banks remained abnormally expensive on Friday despite emergency help from central banks, keeping the world financial system on ...
Delhi will be transformed, promises Sheila Dikshit (Interview), Thailand - 19 hours ago
New Delhi, Oct 17 (IANS) The city is undergoing a transition and in two years Delhi will become a world class capital, promises Chief Minister Sheila ...
In bleak forecast, IMF sees major downturn, UK - Oct 8, 2008
In its twice-yearly World Economic Outlook, the IMF slashed its 2009 forecast for world growth to 3 percent, which would be the slowest pace in seven years, ...
America Will Remain the Superpower
Neftegaz.RU, Russia - Oct 15, 2008
On the other hand, global economic distress doesn't invariably work at cross-purposes with American interests. Hugo Chávez's nosedive toward bankruptcy ...
The downfall of the Scottish banks
Scotsman, United Kingdom - Oct 13, 2008
It arrived at a time of economic distress. Famines, called the "seven ill years" in Jacobite propaganda, had begun to afflict all of northern Europe as a ...
Wall Street Diary, October 2008
Blogger News Network - Oct 16, 2008
Just to protect American economy, the rest of the world is paying its price. Good that Europe and others are now talking about a new system. ...
Time to kick the habit of always wanting more
Irish Times, Ireland - Oct 8, 2008
And in a world of economic turmoil and overshadowed by a rapidly unfolding sustainability crisis that threatens our very ability to survive the 21st century ...
CQ Transcript: McCain Campaign Advisers’ Teleconference on ..., DC - Oct 14, 2008
Homeowners who are in distress will find themselves able to meet their other needs. There’s probably no better short run stimulus than relieving the ...
Pakistan says can meet debts despite distress
Reuters India, India - Oct 13, 2008
Tarin said he came away from meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank and bilateral talks over the past weekend confident his country ...
Pains of a slowing economy
Times of India, India - Oct 4, 2008
India’s growing integration with the world economy enabled it to share in the global economic boom of those years. Foreign institutional investors flooded ...
Hotline After Dark -- On A Good Note, "Game-Changer" Wasn't Used ...
National Journal, DC - Oct 16, 2008
So he has supported the Republican policies, which have contributed to the economic distress that our country is going through. ...
RP economy may slow down but not crash - NEDA
Philippine Star, Philippines - Oct 13, 2008
The IMF last week said it was ready to give financial aid to countries in distress. Press Secretary Jesus Dureza said while the Philippines would certainly ...
Stock Slump Imperils Putin’s Effort to Pump Up Russian Wealth, and ...
New York Times, United States - Oct 12, 2008
... shown on Russian television receiving a tiger cub for his 56th birthday. He also seemed to take satisfaction in the economic distress in the United States.

The Moscow Times
Largest Bubble Burst in History
The Moscow Times, Russia - Oct 15, 2008
Emerging markets were initially tied to this distress only when foreign investors began pulling out their money. Then panic spread to credit markets, ...
New role for EPF funds?
New Straits Times, Malaysia - Oct 15, 2008
Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that under the current economic meltdown, no bank in the world is exempt from being hit. ...
How Central Banks Destabilized the World's Economies
The Market Oracle, UK - Oct 13, 2008
Two economic fallacies govern the actions of central banks. The first one is that of the stable price level. According to this fallacy so long as prices ...
Sky falls on stockbrokers as bear reigns supreme
Standard, Kenya - Oct 13, 2008
Read More The world's economic powers came under pressure to act boldly to halt financial distress as panic selling clenched Asian markets late last week ...
IMF to make emergency loans available to developing world
Times Online, UK - Oct 9, 2008
An emergency funding scheme for countries plunged into economic and financial distress by the escalating global credit crisis has been activated by the ...
Rio's Skinner has no choice but talk to BHP's Argus, Australia - Oct 16, 2008
Granted, Rio's latest production report was solid, so there is no tangible sign of a company in distress. But as January 15, the due date for the EC ...
The perils of knee-jerk over-regulation
National Post, Canada - Sep 26, 2008
In the wake of economic distress, politicians will push for new financial regulations and fiscal policies that could undermine long-term growth. in wake of ...

Sydney Morning Herald
America's century: is the sun setting on an epoch?
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Oct 3, 2008
Immediately after World War II the US accounted for fully half the world economy; today it's about a quarter. But that still makes it three times the size ...
Stocks rise sharply after vows of new bank capital
International Herald Tribune, France - Oct 13, 2008
"It's going to take actions more than words at this time, given the extreme distress that the money markets are in and the extreme distress that the equity ...
TOPWRAP 10-Stocks plummet, G7 to meet on world financial crisis, UK - Oct 9, 2008
... to five-year lows on Thursday on the eve of a G7 meeting of economic powers to try to halt a global spiral of financial distress and slowing growth. ...

Daily Mail
It's Freefall Friday: Dow Jones plunges as FTSE suffers worst week ...
Daily Mail, UK - Oct 10, 2008
The world's economic powers are under huge pressure to act boldly together in a bid to try and stop the crisis from escalating further. ...
ASIA MARKETS: Tokyo Mixed As Nikkei Rebounds To End Up 1.1% - Oct 15, 2008
The announcement follows a run on the bank last month in the wake of rumors that BEA was in financial distress. BEA had denied the speculation. ...BHP - BBL - SHA:601919

Central Bankers Man the Battle Stations
BusinessWeek - Oct 13, 2008
For example, Germany set aside €500 billion in bank guarantee funds for the recapitalization of banks in distress and potential losses from loans. ...
GM and Ford threaten merger
Independent, UK - Oct 12, 2008
In the past year, Toyota has overtaken GM as the world's best-selling car company. The distress has been compounded by soaring petrol prices causing a slump ...GM
Transcript of presidential debate
CNN - Oct 14, 2008
And not to mention that we are still spending $10 billion a month, when they have a $79 billion surplus, at a time when we are in great distress here at ...

Times Online
Depression of 2008
Times Online, UK - Oct 4, 2008
Britain may have been the workshop of the world but there was no world economy to sell to. Unemployment among shipyard workers reached 60% and among miners ...

China Daily
Why do they fret about China's rise?
China Daily, China - Oct 9, 2008
... by Al Qaeda terrorists, a rising China, epidemics of AIDS, poverty and fratricidal war in the developing world and the deep economic distress at home"? ...
Pogrom Acre-style
Al-Ahram Weekly, Egypt - Oct 16, 2008
... who pointed out that the Arab community was suffering from social and economic distress due to long-standing discrimination by the Israeli state. ...
Commentary by Kevin Hassett
Bloomberg - Oct 13, 2008
The problem is, if you keep telling people that our system is fundamentally broken, they will lose faith in it and run for the exits when real distress ...
Night Publishing – as the World Faces Economic Collapse, is This ... (press release), Montenegro - Oct 8, 2008
Two thousand years ago, the Mayan calendar predicted that the world as it has been known would cease to exist in 2012. As the current catastrophic economic ...
Drop in US retail sales brings distress to Canada’s doorstep
Journal of Commerce, Canada - Oct 13, 2008
As US economic problems accumulate, the prospect of Canadians maintaining sales south of the border recedes into a swirling fog of uncertainty. ...
Sports not immune to global economic downturn
Globe and Mail, Canada - Oct 9, 2008
Coupled with all of the debt floating around - several NHL franchises had already been forced to borrow from distress lenders even before the market crashed ...

IMF Report: US Faces ‘Considerable’ Recession Risk
Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY - Oct 2, 2008
The IMF has been predicting that both the US and world economies will avoid recession, and it will be updating its global economic forecasts in the main ...
Deep recession likely in US, less so in eurozone: IMF AFP
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Election 2008: Saved by Quebec, Canada - Oct 14, 2008
If Harper does not want to do this, he will have to face a hostile House of Commons, then an electorate hurt by economic distress. Of course there is always ...
Global Stocks Climb, Euro Rises on Bailout Plan; Banks Advance
Bloomberg - Oct 13, 2008
Oil rose from a 13-month low on speculation the bailout may avert a collapse of the financial system that threatens economic growth. ...
Home > News > World Bank Group and IMF Annual Meetings...
World Bank Group, DC - Oct 10, 2008
More Annual meetings are also a time for the update of the Country briefs on World Bank projects and countries development challenges (economy, education, ...
Focus on small, medium enterprises to spur growth even during ...
Business Mirror, Philippines - Oct 13, 2008
But, Legarda lamented that with still no sign of relief seen in the world financial distress, the government must also effect belt-tightening measures by ...

Wall Street Journal
A Short Banking History of the United States
Wall Street Journal - Oct 10, 2008
How could the richest and most productive economy the world has ever known have a financial system so prone to periodic and catastrophic break down? ...
7thSpace Interactive (press release), NY - Oct 7, 2008
LIU ZHENMIN ( China) said the world was confronted with a “development crisis” whereby the traditional world economic engine had fallen into its own trap. ...
The Note: McCain Ayers it Out -- But Will He Connect?
ABC News - Oct 10, 2008
New from the McCain campaign Friday: An ad that casually drops the L-word and touches on both Ayers to the economic distress, with Democrats portrayed as ...
Bruce Anderson: Yes, the Tories should blame Brown
Independent, UK - Oct 12, 2008
The markets' distress has created a large amount of enticing carrion. This will not help to endear the capitalist system to an indignant populace, ...
Global crisis tempers Canada's swagger
Financial Post, Canada - Oct 11, 2008
Or cut spending to balance the budget and risk pushing the economy into deeper distress. The path chosen by the new government will set the tone not only ...
Dual Citizenship for NRN a Long Term Prospect of National Investments
American Chronicle, CA - Oct 13, 2008
How far and how long it will keep affecting the world economy is uncertain at this point. But it is for sure that the developing nations that need the most ...
Slowing Export Machine Is Starting to Sputter
Wall Street Journal - Oct 7, 2008
US export growth was already slowing before financial markets went into a tailspin, as a result of more-modest economic growth in many regions of the world ...
Economic Honor Roll
Huffington Post, NY - Oct 12, 2008
A 1987 style stock market crash could occur leading to further panic and severe financial and economic distress. severe crisis in the last quarter of a ...

New York Times
Upgrading the Stress Levels
New York Times, United States - Oct 14, 2008
Mark Lennihan/AP Security checks, delayed flights and a souring economic climate contribute to heightened stress for frequent fliers. ...
World on edge as US talks on Wall St bailout stall
The Australian, Australia - Sep 26, 2008
"This has substantial implications for the Australian economy, even though we're not in the direct firing line," he said. Mr Redican said a severe recession ...
TOPWRAP 14-Central banks cut rates, but markets stay fearful, UK - Oct 8, 2008
ID:nN08161853 The International Monetary Fund issued its bleakest forecast in years, saying the world economy was set for a major downturn with the United ...
* Bunds push higher as stocks plummet
Reuters - Oct 10, 2008
Meanwhile, the world's economic powers came under pressure to act boldly to halt the distress as panic selling and anxiety spread. ...
The Quickening ~ Economic Crisis
OpEdNews, PA - Oct 8, 2008
Hence several families have profited from most wars over the last two hundred years, and from the distress caused by economic crisis like the Great ...
In all the woe and strife, here's something worth smiling about
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Oct 13, 2008
EAST Timor, one of the world's poorest nations, has outsmarted the economic giants in the global financial meltdown. As investment banks collapsed and share ...
Manuel confident about SA’s banks
Business Day, South Africa - Oct 8, 2008
In its world economic outlook yesterday, the IMF warned that the global economy was set for a major downturn this year, with the US and Europe either in, ...
Freefalling stocks pile pressure on G7, Canada - Oct 11, 2008
LONDON - The world's economic powers faced huge pressure on Friday to devise drastic remedies to revive the banking system and end panic selling in ...

Daily Mail
FTSE plunges 440pts in just 10 minutes as markets around the world ...
Daily Mail, UK - Oct 10, 2008
The world's economic powers are under huge pressure to act boldly together in a bid to try and stop the crisis from escalating further. ...
Seoul shares dip on economy worry after bailout OK
Forbes, NY - Oct 1, 2008
POSCO, the world's No.4 steelmaker dropped 3.78 percent, and Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's No.1 shipbuilder fell 3.45 percent, on worries about ...
Seoul shares drop after bailout; banks fall Forbes
Seoul shares drop after bailout; banks fall Forbes
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Cabinet Communique
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (press release), Israel - Oct 13, 2008
If we continue to behave responsibly, the Israeli economy will be able to overcome the possible effects of the crisis occurring in the world economy." 2. ...TSE:ONE
Boondoggles held in reserve as leaders plan roads to recovery
Financial Times, UK - Oct 15, 2008
But nobody denies that the scheme lifted millions out of severe distress and made a real contribution to strengthening the country's economic backbone. ...
No way to start, or end, another week on the equity, commodity ..., MA - Oct 10, 2008
Ye gads, it’s all about global financial volatility; some would say “mayhem,” as concerns over world economic growth mount--thereby further depressing ...
Stephen Bennett considers the signs of the times
Cross Rhythms, UK - Oct 14, 2008
What we see happening in the global economy is one of the signs of the end of the world before Christ's return as written and prophesied in the Bible. ...
Author says Florida history full of fevers, bubbles, booms, FL - Oct 13, 2008
Economic excess and then distress have long been part of the state's history, says an emeritus professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University. ...

AME Info
What does the global financial crisis mean for Dubai real estate?
AME Info, United Arab Emirates - Oct 16, 2008
Given that their financial distress may be very immediate this is where a shakeout is most likely. However, the market for completed property in many ...

Ailing economy has impact on well-being

Physical and mental health can both suffer

Sunday, October 12 | 8:53 a.m.


On her end of the Clark County Crisis Line, Marlene Burrows hears the same story again and again: A spouse lost a job and the family can’t pay the rent. More callers are feeling stressed, anxious and depressed.

When she makes mental health referrals, she hears more of the same scenario from that end, too: Programs funded by state money or community donations are feeling the economic pinch and don’t have as many resources to help.

“It’s become more difficult for people to find jobs and there are fewer resources in the community in terms of people getting what they need,” said Burrows, the crisis service’s program manager. “They’re falling through a large crack.”

The sour economy is causing more stressors than people know how to handle, mental health experts say, and it’s bringing in a wider clientele than clinics and crisis centers can cover.

Some Clark County mental health clinics have some of the longest waiting lists they’ve seen in years, and are scrambling for more funding to keep up with the caseloads. But they are finding that there is no more money.

Not all people seeking help have anxiety or depressive disorders. Lots of people are going through rocky times and just need someone to talk to, local experts say.

The crisis line has felt the pinch over the last two years. The call volume has doubled from 700 to at least 1,400 a month since 2006, which Burrows mainly attributes to the ailing economy.

What once used to be a crisis call about one issue has turned into a call about a host of worries centered around finances, she said. Some callers have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder and have lost health care coverage after losing their job.

Not knowing where else to go, they call the crisis line.

“We’re getting calls from people who … just got laid off or can’t pay rent. (There’s) lots of calls about how to get medication,” Burrows said.

These frustrations aren’t isolated. Nearly half of the populace say they are worried about job stability and 66 percent are concerned about housing costs, according to a report released last week by the American Psychiatric Association.

Aggravating illness

These worries are manifested in different ways: Some people are becoming more prone to anxiety and depression because of the stress.

Others, who suffer from pre-existing anxiety and depression disorders, find them exacerbated by job stress.

Patients are reporting more insomnia problems than ever before, local experts say.

Worries over finances are disrupting sleep for many patients, which is increasing the number of sleep medications prescribed at these clinics.

Lauretta Young, chief of psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, said the number of mental health intake calls at Kaiser clinics in Clark and Multnomah counties is 25 to 35 percent over this time last year.

“That does not seem to be a typical, seasonal variation,” Young said.

At the Wellness Project, a program that offers free mental health counseling to low-income clients, patients now have to wait nine months to see a counselor. This is a 50 percent increase over the wait in April 2007, said Antonia Mueller, clinical program manager for Community Services Northwest, an umbrella organization of the project.

The issue at hand: More people are seeking help for anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts because they’ve lost the one thing that impacts their personal and financial stability the most: employment.

“People are trying to cope with not having money or unemployment. It’s basically shifting their identity,” Mueller said. “By losing your housing or your job, you have to shift how you live.”

“We’ve doubled our volunteers, but it’s not keeping up,” she added.

Kit Corey, a counselor at the Vancouver counseling and training firm Solutions Employee Assistance, said she’s never in her 20-year career heard as much talk about financial stress as she does now.

She refers some clients to outside low-income based clinics. The Wellness Project isn’t the only clinic with lengthy waiting lists, said Young, who cited long waits at Columbia River Mental Health among others.

“It’s a scary time,” Corey said. “There’s no place for them to go.”